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Chatto Creek Gypsy Horses

- beauty, quality, genetics and versatility

Clononeen Sorcha (Imp UK)

The Laughing Horse x The Pink Eyed Mare

DOB: 2001

Colour: Black and white tobiano (Ee Tt aa)

Height: 142 cm

Sorcha was the beginning of Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs and she will never leave. We bought her from Clononeen in 2009 and chose to have her bred to Billy Boy (aka The Christie Horse) before bringing her to New Zealand. Sorcha was at least 8 years old when we purchased her and had already foaled 4-5 beautiful foals to a variety of stallions - so she has progeny all over the world.

Sorcha is everything we could wish for ! She is a quality cob through and through and is the softest, most sensitive mare and she is a very proud and protective mother. She shared the same sire as The Gypsy King

Sorcha's foals at our stud

Chatto Creek Sirocco (by Billy Boy)

Chatto Creek Ronan (by The Hustler)

Chatto Creek Brianna (by Brackenhill Dusk)

Chatto Creek Carrick (by Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice)

Chatto Creek Ailish (by Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice)

Chatto Creek Rowan (by Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice)

Chatto Creek Carys (by Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice)



The Laughing/Smiling Horse

Dam: The Pink-eyed Mare